A Good Report!

On Tuesday we went to my next doctor's appointment to have my cervix measured again. I was SO nervous about what we would find and if it would look like I was headed towards bed rest. The short story is, it couldn't have gone better and my uterus is still hanging in there!!!!

This appointment was also for my glucose test - to check whether I've developed gestational diabetes - all pregnant women do this at 26-28 weeks. So, when we arrived, I had to drink this nasty bottle of "fruit punch" sugary crap. It literally tasted like drinking soda syrup with no carbonated water - sick. I had to drink it within 5 minutes. Luckily, it was cold, so that helped, but I felt pretty awful after drinking it. Afterwards, you have to wait an hour and then get your blood drawn. I haven't had my blood drawn since my initial pregnancy blood work up back in.. what... May 1 I think? So it's been 5 months. And I've resorted back to baby status when it comes to needles. You'd think having my blood drawn every day for two weeks during IVF stims would make me a pro at needles from now on, but nope, apparently not. I actually got my results from the test back today - I passed! So no gestational diabetes for me! YAY!

After I finished up at Lab Corp with the blood draw, we went to my regular appointment. We had a new doctor I haven't met yet and I LOVED her. She did a vaginal ultrasound first to measure my cervix - which by the way - is still at 3cm!!!! WOO! The doctor said 3cm is good and she's not worried! Once she was done she even let us do an abdominal ultrasound to see the baby! It was the best ultrasound we've gotten yet by far. She took her time and showed us everything - it was so fun. Coleson is currently head down and she doesn't think he has enough space to flip around - so that's good news! Most people with a unicornuate uterus have breech babies. She also showed us where his feet were in relation to my belly - so high up! It's crazy how much space he's taking up in there now. He's getting so big - you can't even see his whole body on a single ultrasound picture anymore - you can only see just his head, or just his legs, or just his stomach. 

The doctor said we are totally fine to go on our OBX trip, but that obviously, I need to take it easy - which I was already planning on of course - it's vacation after all! They are having me come back in though on the 15th (the day before we leave) to measure my cervix again since we don't want to wait all the way until I get back from vacation. They are also going to check on the status of my placenta to see if it's moved up at all. I was happy about that cause it will be good to get the "all clear" before we leave for a week.

I was in VA for work yesterday and spent THREE HOURS driving home in awful traffic and pouring rain. AND I have to go again 3 more times next week. But! This time next week will be my last day of work before vacation so I'm just counting down the days!!! Can't WAIT to get away and relax after the craziness the past few weeks have been!