Wow I went 2 days without updating this blog! That hasn't happened in awhile :) I wanted to post over the weekend, but honestly there hasn't been much going on other than my mind counting down days.

On Friday after my last post, I did get some exciting news from SGF! Our second embryo ended up developing into a blastocyst the day after my transfer and was also the highest quality possible! It was sent for cryopreservation so it can be frozen :) This is GREAT news because regardless of what happens this cycle, having 1 extra high quality embryo means there's less of a chance that I'll have to go through the full IVF process again. If the worst happens and this cycle fails, we can do a frozen embryo transfer with this extra one. If the best happens (which it will!), we will have an extra one in case we are crazy enough to decide we want another baby someday. The bad part is, freezing has a first time price tag of $1,800 and then a yearly storage fee of $500. But, in the grand scheme of things, I'm thankful that's all we will need to pay considering our insurance has probably paid around $15-20k for all this IVF stuff, and that's not even counting the thousands that was spent on my tests for diagnosis.

How am I feeling? The question everyone wants to know the answer to :)

Overall, good! This weekend was a heck of a lot better than last weekend. It's hard to attribute any symptoms to a possible pregnancy because these hormone meds are causing most of it. I get headaches, I'm extremely tired and go to bed at 8pm, and yesterday, I was SUPER emotional. I literally cried all morning and was mad at Kyle for no reason. Taking Estrogen and Progesterone makes you feel that hormonal feeling you get when you're about to get your period, only like, a million times worse. Yesterday afternoon/evening I was pretty crampy, so I'm hoping that's a good sign of that embryo digging in :)

Taking the Progesterone is starting to get REALLY annoying. I don't think I've mentioned this on here before, but the progesterone medication is in the form of a vaginal suppository and it has to be taken 3 times a day. Yes. THREE. Not only is it annoying to remember to do that three times a day, but it is extremely annoying to be leaking progesterone 24/7. I'd honestly almost rather do one of my subcutaneous injections than these. Ugh.

According to the internet, if all is still going according to plan, our embryo should have started implanting over the weekend and is still implanting today. hCG should start being released any day now, and I've seen IVFers online get a faint positive on a pregnancy test as early as 5-6dp5dt. Confession: I've already ordered a box of tests from Amazon and they are supposed to be here by tomorrow. I'm still holding off on using them as long as possible, but my guess is the box will be broken open by the end of the week... SO NERVOUS. 

T-9 days and counting.