Yes, I'm STILL Pregnant.


Despite my extreme Thanksgiving eating and hoping to go into labor Sunday/Monday earlier this week, it didn't happen. I'm now 1 day away from being 39 weeks and never in a million years did I think I'd ever be THIS pregnant. Yeah, I'm not "full term" at 40 weeks yet, but when you're told over and over that you'll most likely deliver early and then you make it to 39 weeks, it feels like you're actually 42 weeks and massively overdue. 

I had a doctor's appointment last night which was quite frustrating - for a multitude of reasons. First of all, my appointment was at 4pm, so I left work early at 3pm to get there at 3:45. Then I proceeded to wait in the waiting room until 4:50 when they finally called me back after I sighed and rolled my eyes 500 times hoping the receptionist would see my frustration (I mean seriously?! an hour late?! I could have stayed at work a full day!). Not sure if I've mentioned this here before, but once you're called back by the nurse, that's only step 1. She weighs you, takes your blood pressure, and shoves you in a room where you then wait again for the doctor to come in. I think last night it was 5:15 until we actually saw the doctor. Ugh. 

But I digress. Luckily I liked this doctor - it was the same one I had check my hand situation last week when I went it last minute (which by the way, turns out I have pregnancy induced carpal tunnel - yay), but it was the first time I had an actual weekly check up with her. She was thorough, and I like thorough. Baby's heartbeat measured good and she even felt around the baby a lot on my stomach to estimate size, which she guessed was "high 7s". She then did my cervix check, which leads me to frustration #2: I'm still not dilated. HOW.

The good news is my cervix is 70% effaced (thinned out) AND the big shocker was that Coleson's head is considered +1 station. They measure how far down the head is based on a -5 to +5 scale. A 0 means he's "engaged" and anything on the plus side means he's descending out of my pelvis. Basically, the doctor said if I was fully dilated, I'd be pushing with his head at +1. Shocking, but thinking about how painful it is to walk lately, I guess not that shocking. I literally feel like I have a bowling ball in my pelvis. Fun.

The doctor said though that since his head is so far down, it should press on my cervix and help me start to dilate. Also, the past 3 nights I've been having contractions, so that has to be doing SOMETHING I'd think. Some of them have even been pretty painful, but every time I honestly wish for the pain to stay. Bring on the pain!!!

As expected, I'm completely miserable at work this week. I've been trying SO hard to just not think about it and go on with my normal routine, but it is a serious struggle. So, after talking to my supervisors, I've decided that even if I don't go into labor by this weekend, I'm going to take next week off of work in hopes that he comes by my due date. I just can't imagine suffering through another week and it honestly would be so nice to just relax my last week of pregnancy. I'm already feeling a huge amount of relief knowing tomorrow will be my last day. Plus, I'm getting pretty sick of people seeing me in the hall or coming to my office saying "you're STILL pregnant?!".... um yes thank you for reminding me that's very helpful (can you tell my grumpiness has totally kicked in??).

Luckily, my next doctor's appointment is Monday morning, so I don't have to wait too long till my next check. If I make it to Monday, I'm planning to ask the doctor if I can be induced if I make it all the way to Dec 9 without labor starting. Normally they say they will induce you if you still haven't gone into labor by 41 weeks, but I'm hoping we can just do it by 40 weeks. He's already measuring so big and I feel like if I wait till 41 weeks I'm not going to be able to get him out!

Coleson, we are SO ready to meet you and momma needs her body back sooooo let's get this show on the road!!!!!