Good News & Bad News

This post was supposed to be titled, "Pre IVF Baseline Appointment," but "Good News & Bad News" seemed much more appropriate for today. So what do you want first? The good or the bad? Bad? Ok good...

The bad news is, just when I was complaining about timing yesterday, it got worse. After having just a tiny tickle in my throat yesterday, I woke up this morning with a 101 fever and full blown flu symptoms... yay.

I somehow managed to get my weak, achy body out of bed to get ready for my 8am blood work and ultrasound appointment. I was also terrified about my symptoms and if they would affect my blood work and worse, if the doctor would make me wait out my sickness before I could start my injections, ugh.

Luckily they took us not long after 8am and Kyle got to come back with me this time. I did blood work first. I already almost feel like I'm going to pass out when I get blood work done, so imagine me getting blood drawn while already being sick with a fever. Yeah, great. Afterwards I must have looked pale cause the nurse made me sit with my head between my knees for 5 minutes. I told her beforehand that I was sick and woke up with a fever, but she didn't seem concerned about it affecting the blood work they needed and said I could let my doctor know.

Next we went back for ultrasound. Same drill, undress from waist down, sit there freezing cold, wait for the doom of the stirrups. I think Kyle found it all amusing - glad he could finally see the crap I'm about to go through every few days now for the next two weeks. A tech performed the ultrasound, but a doctor (another new one I haven't met yet) came in during the appointment. I told him about my fever and symptoms and he said it shouldn't be a problem since I still have a few days until I start the injections on Sunday, but that they would make note of it.

I was so busy talking to the doctor about my sickness that I didn't pay much attention to the tech doing the ultrasound. I did realize about halfway through that this was the same bitchy tech I had when I did my first ultrasound test back in November before anyone knew my diagnosis. Last time she pretty much blamed me for the reason she couldn't find my right ovary - although this time now that she knew it's way up high and to the right, she didn't seem to have a problem. Man I wanted to remind her of her ignorance from the last time we met, but I restrained. Good job me :) Even though I didn't really look at the ultrasound picture much, she said all looked good with my ovaries.

Afterward I decided to go to an urgent care place nearby just to see if they could give me any medication. Luckily, we were the only ones there so we were in and out quick. Based on my symptoms, they thought I had the flu and prescribed me Tamiflu and mandatory two days away from work. I was happy they gave me meds, but not so happy about the no work thing. I have limited sick leave for the year, and I really need it for all these IVF appointments. I just know I'm going to run out now.. and I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that.

We got home and I took the Tamiflu. I also emailed my primary IVF nurse to let her know about my flu symptoms and I wanted to see if it was ok for me to take the Tamiflu with my injections this weekend. She emailed back immediately saying she would need to talk to Dr Sagoskin to see what he recommends. Cue the paranoia. I was kinda expecting her to just say "oh yeah it's fine" but now I was worried - would they make me push my IVF cycle back now? Please no!!!! Oh and also I started throwing up from the nausea the Tamiflu caused me (apparently that's a side effect..)

She called me back within the next hour (thank goodness!) and this is where the good news finally comes in incase you were wondering...

She said Dr Sagoskin was totally fine with me taking the Tamiflu with my injections AND she already had my blood work results back, which she said "look beautiful" and that I'm ready to start!!! As planned, I'll do injections of Menopur and Follistim on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and then go in for my next blood work and ultrasound on Wednesday! Woo hoo!!

My mom (who is a nurse) is coming over Sunday to help us out with our first day of injections to make sure we have it down and don't do anything wrong. I'm terrified but so ready to get started!

So anyway, sorry for the late update today, but needless to say, it's been quite the long day. I plan on laying in bed for at least the next 36 hours in hopes to feel better soon. I'm reallyyyyyy hoping I don't have to do these injections while feeling as awful as I do right now.

More updates to come this weekend!