9 weeks 2 days!

We've officially hit the 9 week mark and now have exactly 3 weeks until our next OB appointment! The weeks somehow seem to fly by and yet take forever at the same time. I'm counting down the days until I'm done with the first trimester and (hopefully) start to feel like myself again. The past couple weeks have been ROUGH... and as much as I hate complaining about pregnancy symptoms because there were so many months that I begged for them, I'm just so ready to have my productive, energized self back.

This past weekend I worked my first wedding of the season. By normal standards, it was probably the easiest wedding I've ever done (not much set up, didn't have to be there till 2pm, etc.), but by pregnant Alyssa standards, I was DYING by the end of the night. On most wedding days, I'm on my feet for 10-14 hours, don't eat much, don't drink nearly enough water, and am up super late. I made sure to prep by sleeping a bunch the night before and packing TONS of snacks, but it didn't matter too much. By 9pm, I was exhausted and so sore. Luckily, by then there wasn't much work to be done (I brought along an assistant who was a life saver!!!), but waiting around from 9 to 11pm for everyone to leave killed me. And then I had an hour drive back home. I got home a little after midnight and completely crashed in bed and slept till around noon the next day. 

I had been feeling decent lately. Definitely not myself, but at least not as nauseous as I had been weeks 6-7. But I think that wedding was just too much for my body to handle and I was sick all day Sunday. I even had my first vomiting episode from being so nauseous - not fun. It seems that any change in my eating/sleeping/medicine-taking schedule really messes me up, so I have to try and keep that as constant as possible. 

Today, I still feel pretty crappy. Nauseous at work for probably the first time in 2 weeks. It makes it really hard to focus and I just want to lay in bed and sleep. My productivity at home is awful lately because when I get home from work all I want to do is sit on the couch and be in bed by 730pm. On the weekends, it takes all my energy to even do a load of laundry. Normally, I'm so motivated to clean, do laundry, grocery shop, etc. on the weekends, but not lately. Luckily, Kyle has been a HUGE help around the house. He's been picking up my slack on all the usual errands and chores around the house. 

This week's excitement? The 10 week mark!!! Come Saturday I'm cleared to STOP taking my hormone meds - progesterone and estrogen!!!! I've been taking these since my egg retrieval surgery back in mid-March, so I'm SO ready to be done with them!!! My dosage was already decreased a bit since we were discharged from SGF, but by 10 weeks, the placenta is providing all the nutrients the baby needs so I will no longer have to supplement with the medication! YAY for no more suppositories!!!!! SO PUMPED!