4!! We have 4 healthy fertilized eggs as of this morning!!!!! I couldn't be more thrilled!

We had an interesting evening. I didn't sleep much and I was super uncomfortable with the catheter in. This morning it was really becoming painful and I asked my mom if we could try taking it out to see if I could pee on my own yet. It was risky, because if I couldn't, I would have to go through the pain of putting a new one in. But gosh it felt amazing to get it out. I was able to get up and shower and feel like a human again. I did try to pee shortly after taking it out and I passed a pretty big blood clot. I was completely grossed out, but my mom said that was great and means I'm healing! I expect to have another one come out at some point because we saw two on the ultrasound yesterday, but no luck so far. I have been able to pee some on my own so far today and it's becoming more clear and less bloody.

I'm a little crampy occasionally from the surgery, but not bad at all. That's the frustrating thing about this complication. If my bladder didn't get punctured, I would have been completely recovered by now! Ugh...

But, knowing we have those 4 growing embryos is making me so so happy today. I'm just hoping they are strong and can make it the 5 day growth period until transfer day on Thursday. We will only be transferring one, so any extra we have will be frozen. I'd love to have an extra one or two frozen because then if the embryo that we transfer doesn't implant, we could potentially do a frozen embryo transfer on another cycle without me having to go through the nightmare the past two weeks has been again.

For now we are hoping my bladder continues to heal and that those embryos keep growing perfectly over the next few days!