32 weeks, 4 days

No real updates since my last post 2 weeks ago, but we did have a quick doctor's appointment on Monday afternoon. As usual, weight, blood pressure, and Coleson's heartbeat were all measuring perfectly. Just your average, every day pregnancy over here and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Still waiting on our 34 week sonogram appointment to check the placenta again. I'm just dying to know what the delivery plan is at this point so I can start mentally preparing myself... and scheduling my life. I'm honestly really hoping for a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks. It turns out my 39 week mark would fall the weekend after thanksgiving, so I've already decided that if this is the route we go, I'm going to take off work the week after Thanksgiving to give myself time to relax, prepare, and decorate the house for Christmas :)  It would be SO nice to enjoy Thanksgiving knowing I don't have to go back to work. Each week going to work gets more and more exhausting so I'm sure by then I'll really need a week break. In that case, I'd only have 4 full weeks of work left, which is CRAZY, but so exciting.

If my placenta has moved though and they say we are doing a natural delivery, that means we'd be playing the waiting game to see when I go into labor. I'd be too nervous to try and predict when that would be and take off work too early (I only have 4 vacation days left and my maternity leave won't kick in until after the baby is born), so that would mean no relaxing week off. I know that the placenta moving and getting to do a natural delivery is really amazing and I should be thankful that it's even a chance, but honestly, the whole scheduled date and week off thing sounds so much nicer to me right now...

The other thing on my radar is the weekend of November 4... Kyle is doing a "last hurrah" camping trip Thursday-Sunday that weekend and will have no cell service... great. He did the same trip last year and we were able to talk on the phone once per day when they all drove up the mountain 15 minutes to call the wives. I'll be 35 weeks at that point, so it shoulddd be ok, but of course I'm terrified I'll go into labor early and won't be able to get ahold of him. Luckily, our sonogram appointment is the Monday before he leaves, so we should get a good update from the doctor and know that all is well before he heads out to the middle of nowhere.

This week is insanely busy as I wrap up things at work and prep for my very last wedding (I'm not doing anymore weddings after the baby is born!). But starting Sunday, all my weekends are calm and should be fun as the holidays approach! And Kyle is now officially off weekends until December! Yay!!!

Getting SO close!!!