Stimulation Day 5

I really need to stop promising updates at certain times and then fail to follow through with them... ugh lol. The afternoon just got away from me yesterday and I didn't get to post!

My nurse called me around 2 yesterday with my results. She confirmed again that I had 7 follicles and my blood levels all looked good! My estrogen was at 183 - she said as long as it's over 50, that means you have some eggs growing! So far, sticking to the same injection dosages. I am officially going back tomorrow morning for my next blood work and ultrasound appointment - hopefully we will see some more follicles then! [by the way, each follicle contains an egg, so it gives us an idea of how many eggs I have. Also, once we get further, they will start measuring my follicle sizes - the size of the follicle corresponds to how mature the egg is and that's what helps the doctor know when it's time for retrieval]

Last night's injections went good and I actually felt good all day and night yesterday for the first time in 3 days. My headache has gone away for the most part and I was able to have a bride meeting last night and stay up till 9pm without feeling too uncomfortable. I slept through the night too which was a plus!

Tonight is the 5th night of injections. The stimulation phase is typically 10-12 days, so if we are lucky and only have to do 10 days, tonight could be the halfway point - and that's enough to make me happy for today. I'm actually excited to go back for monitoring in the morning - it helps so much with my sanity being able to get updates every other day on how things are progressing and it gives me the motivation to keep going.

Feeling extremely proud of myself today. Each day I survive I feel this sense of accomplishment and I'm learning that I'm a lot tougher than I think!