Stimulation Day 11 & Monitoring

UPDATE: Heard from our nurse. Officially doing another day of stim injections. *insert crying emoji here* I'm SO done. My ovaries hurt, I'm uncomfortable, I can barely make it through work today. I have no idea how I'm supposed to do another day. Probably only going to work partial days Thursday and Friday - I'll be at SGF in the morning anyway and be taking sick time, so I'll probably only work 4-5 hours each day just cause I can't make it a full day at this point. Since I won't be taking a full day of sick leave for surgery now, I'll have the time to take half days. Tomorrow BETTER be the last day. 

Other notes... Estrogen is at 2,303 now, so we are most likely definitely doing the Lupron trigger. Also my uterine lining was 11mm today which is GREAT. They like it to be 8-13mm for transfer - we need lots of thick lining in there for the embryo to implant into!

Ok I'm off to try and survive for another 24 hours....

I REALLY didn't want to title this post as another "Stimulation Day," but unfortunately, that's what it's looking like.... I'm SO frustrated cause I really wanted yesterday to be the last day...

Monitoring went fine this morning, other than the fact that I'm completely sick of it at this point. My girl Carlyene got my blood on the first try again - gosh I love her. I think I need to remember to make Kyle take my picture with her next time. She is the BEST. Ultrasound looked good, but the tech and nurse think Dr. Sagoskin will want me to do another day of stims. I have lots of follicles that are right on the line of being mature, so they think he will want me to do another day so that hopefully some more will catch up and we will have more eggs to retrieve. I know I need to do what's best, but I'm just so frustrated and done being poked. 

Even though they don't think I'll trigger today, we did still meet with our primary nurse, Tina (who is finally back from vacation), to get our trigger instructions. Basically right now it's a balance between trying to get those last few follicles to catch up in size, while also making sure my estrogen doesn't get too high. Tina explained this a lot to us today and also helped me understand better how Dr. Sagoskin makes the call on which trigger medicine to use. They don't like your estrogen getting past 2,500, so if you're getting close to that, they tell you to use the Lupron trigger because that has less of a chance of making you go into OHSS (Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome) than the hCG. Tina said since my estrogen was 1,771 yesterday, it will probably be around 2,100 today, and with another day of stims, be right around that 2,500 mark tomorrow. So, she thinks we will probably end up doing the Lupron instead of the hCG. I'd be happy about that because that needle is much less scary.

So if we don't trigger today, then we are looking at a Saturday egg retrieval instead of Friday. Ugh. I guess it's kinda good cause I won't have to use as much leave from work, but honestly, at this point I don't know how much I'm going to be able to be at work the rest of this week anyway. I made it here today, but I'm beyond uncomfortable at this point. It hurts just walking around or going up the stairs. All I want to do is lay down. And besides the physical side effects, mentally, I'm drained and I can't easily focus on anything else. 

Of course all of this is speculation based on what the nurse told me today. I'll still have to wait for my call from her this afternoon to see what the official plan is based on what Dr. Sagoskin says. I suppose there's still a chance he could have me trigger tonight. Otherwise, it's the usual schedule of injections tonight, Cetrotide in the morning, and then back for monitoring again. We made an appointment for tomorrow already, but we weren't able to get our normal 7am time slot, so we'll be going at 8:15am instead.

Feeling a little let down today, but trying to stay focused. I'll post an update later once I get the afternoon call.