Stimulation Day 4 & Monitoring

We've somehow made it to Day 4! Injections again were better last night. They still hurt the same, but I'm getting tougher :) I was super uncomfortable the remainder of the night though. The past two nights I've gone to bed by 8-830pm just because I'm so uncomfortable and all I want to do is lay down. I woke up a few times in the night with pains and tightness, but my heating pad helped. I had a horrible headache pretty much all day yesterday, but as of this morning it's much better. The frustrating thing is, by mid-morning the tightness and pains in my stomach seem to feel much better and I feel pretty ok at work, but just when I'm feeling good I have to go home and do more injections and feel like crap at night all over again. It's never ending.

This morning I had my first monitoring appointment since starting the stimulation injections. Kyle is in training this week and wasn't able to come with me, but my wonderful, wonderful grandma drove up to my house early this morning just so she could drive me and be with me at the appointment. She's the best.

They took me back quick - even before my 8am appointment time! Doing blood work this time felt SO much easier than the last time when I had the flu and a fever. I didn't even get dizzy and I was like one of those cool women that gets blood work done and can get right up from the chair afterwards without being told to put my head between my knees! Woo hoo!

While I was waiting to get my room for the ultrasound, I heard a nurse say, "Dr. Sagoskin" - **gasp** my doctor is here today?!? I tried not to get my hopes up, but I was excited he was on the floor!! (They usually have one doctor per day "working the floor" in the monitoring area in case they are needed for anything, but there's a bunch of doctors at SGF, so it's unlikely your doctor will be there at the same time). I waited half naked and cold (as per usual) on the table for my tech to come in. Once she arrived she confirmed my excitement saying, "your doctor is actually on the floor today, so he will probably stop in while we do your ultrasound" eeeeee YAY!

Dr. S came in pretty much right at the beginning and stayed the whole time to chat with me. As usual they had a hard time getting my right ovary on the ultrasound and had to push my stomach in this time to see it. I had 4 follicles on the right and 3 on the left. He said for now that's normal and expected and they don't expect to see too much growth yet. yay! He told me he needs to wait to see what my blood levels look like, but that I should plan on a Friday morning monitoring appointment (again for blood work and ultrasound). There's a small chance they will want to see me tomorrow, but most likely Friday. I have to wait to get a call from my nurse this afternoon. I pretty much expect to be at SGF for monitoring every other day for the next week. It's annoying, but I'm glad they are keeping a good eye on me and making sure they aren't overstimulating my ovaries. And it really does help break up the injection days. Now I can focus on my injections tonight and tomorrow before another appointment to check on the progress Friday.

So for now I'm waiting on a call this afternoon from my nurse. She should be telling me how my blood levels looked, if Dr. S wants to make any changes to my dosage, and my definite date for my next appointment. Also, I plan to ask if there's any idea on how long I'll need to take the stimulation meds for - I'm guessing they don't know yet, but I so wish I had an approx end date so I could at least count down the days.

I'll post a quick update later once I hear from my nurse!