Still nothing new here, but it's been a few days since I've posted and with our injection class tomorrow, I'm sure I won't have time to post about it until Wednesday.

It's hitting me this week, the nerves. A different kind of nerves - not the, "what if it doesn't work" nerves, but the "I'm scared of all the needles" nerves. I want to be tough about it, I really do, but I'm terrified. I have no idea what to expect for tomorrow either. Like, am I going to give myself an injection tomorrow during the class for practice? Or is it going to be pretend? I feel like I'm not ready.

I'm anxious for tomorrow, too. I just hope it's all easy to understand and that it isn't too overwhelming. It has to be easy, right? I'm an educated person and I did well in school, I should be able to learn how to prepare and inject medication. BUT IT'S SCARY! I just really hope I leave the class feeling better and more confident in my ability to do this. 

We got our giant dry-erase calendar hung up this weekend. How ridiculous is this hanging in our bedroom??? I'll be getting our protocol this week after I hit cycle day 1, so this thing should be filling up soon!

In other news, I have the best friend EVER. We saw my bestie, Erin, and her fiancé, Dave, last night at their Super Bowl party and they gave us the best food present ever. TONS of delicious frozen ravioli and so many dinners that we can easily cook over the next few weeks of chaos. I love her. And we already decided that when (when, not if) I'm pregnant this summer and we go to their pool for memorial day, Erin's hashtag is going to be "#imdrinkingfortwo" (HA!) and that was just the best thing to make me laugh away my fears :)

1 day to our injection class, ~3 more days till cycle day 1!