The Appointments Begin!

Since we got the green light from our insurance this week, I've been able to start turning the wheels on the IVF process. Yesterday, I was able to chat with our primary nurse at Shady Grove, and she helped me figure out my next steps. Even though we aren't officially starting until my February cycle, there are some tests and things we can get out of the way now!

One of those is my "Mock Embryo Transfer." It's basically a dress rehearsal for when they have my baby embryo and transfer it into my uterus. The embryo is so fragile and delicate and it's SO important that they put it in the exact right spot in my uterus, so the doctor likes to do this pretend embryo transfer first, so that they can get all the exact measurements they need for the real thing. That way, when the big day is here, they will be able to transfer the embryo in one shot without any problems! I like this idea - it makes me feel much more confident that they will get that baby in the right spot. This procedure, like the HSG, has to be done between days 5 and 12 of my cycle. Since cycle day 1 was yesterday (yay..), I was able to schedule it! So next Wednesday at 8am I'll get to do the mock transfer! Woo hoo! 

I also scheduled our injection class! We wanted to do it in February so everything would be fresh in our minds when we actually need to do it. We are going on Feb 7! I did start watching a few of the injection videos online. Ugh, I couldn't even watch the part where the needle actually went in the skin - maybe I'm not used to the whole needle thing yet after all. I am SO not looking forward to that...

Only other update was that I was able to call in my order for all my meds and injections! They have to call me back after the order goes through, and that's when they will tell me how much it all costs after insurance and we will schedule a delivery date. They said I'd probably hear back from them by end of next week. It's so weird because my nurse is the one who submitted all my prescriptions, so I have NO idea what all I even ordered. I imagine we are going to have some giant box delivered though and I'm totally going to look like a druggy. I am SO posting pictures of all that once we get the delivery! Then it will be REAL.