Dated Protocol!

Well that was fast!!!

I posted earlier this morning just to let you know I hit cycle day 1 and figured it would be tomorrow until I'd have an official dated protocol to post, but my Shady Grove nurse is the best!!!! She sent me everything before noon!!!

Here it is!!

So, I'm starting the birth control pills this Saturday! My nurse was able to time my birth control window to cover our ski trip so that I'll be home just in time for all my appointments to start. I'll be calling today to schedule my monitoring appointments (blood work and ultrasound) for 3/2 and 3/8 - those are the only ones we have definite dates for now. The rest will be scheduled as we go through the 10-12 days of stimulation. Injections start 3/5!

If all goes according to plan, my embryo transfer will be around ~3/23 and we could know if I'm pregnant by ~4/2!

I have a feeling these days of birth control pills are going to feel SO LONG because I'm just ready to get the ball rolling and get through the injections! But at least I'll have our vacation in that window which will help a ton!

Probably won't have many updates now over the next few weeks while I'm on the BC. I will be sure to pop in a few times though. It will be interesting to see if I have any side effects from taking the pill since I've never taken one before! I hope I don't notice anything, but we'll see!