Birth Control

It's been 2 days of these tiny pink pills.

The good thing about these two and a half weeks of birth control is that it's helping me get in a routine with my medication. I had already been taking Vitamin D and Prenatal vitamins every night, but it was kinda a "take it whenever I thought about it" thing - which, I was good about remembering - I think I missed maybe one night out of the last two months, but I was never on a strict time schedule.

Now, I have a 7pm alarm set on my phone to take my meds. For now, it's just the vitamins and birth control, but I've decided I'm going to stick to that 7pm time once the injections start too (injections need to be taken at approx the same time every day). It gives us enough time to eat dinner once I get home from work, and is still 40ish minutes before Kyle has to leave for work.

So far, not feeling any different - not that I expected to.

I started googling "IVF tips and tricks" last night and got caught up in a never ending list of blogs - boy was that a mistake. I appreciate the effort IVFers have gone through to help out other women entering IVF, but man, I really just don't like reading it. It makes me anxious reading which injection hurts worse than others, and how your ovaries get so large you look 4 months pregnant... ugh. I kinda feel like I'd rather just not know and go into it without expectations - makes it less scary to me. It's like, watching as someone sticks a needle in your arm. No thanks, I'd rather look the other way.

Luckily, I have lots to keep me busy. We celebrated my little sister's sweet 16 this weekend, so on Saturday I went back to my home town and helped her and my dad set up everything. Yesterday, I got my hair done in Baltimore and then had a meeting with one of my fall brides. Oh and our dryer decided to malfunction and start smoking. So we currently have wet clothes hanging all over our house... yeah that's fun.

We leave for our ski trip next Thursday!!