Cycle Day 1!

It's here!!! Cycle day 1 has arrived (and right on time!) which means we are officially starting IVF! I called my nurse, Tina, this morning to notify her. She normally doesn't answer, but is always good at getting back to me quickly. Me being paranoid, I left a voicemail and then emailed her too. I'm so annoying.

She called me back 30 minutes later saying she has some patients to tend to this morning, but that she is going to work on putting together my protocol today and should be sending it to me late this afternoon! She is going to call and go over all the dates and make sure we are ready to start! Ahhh!!!

Depending on when I hear back from her, I'll be posting my protocol here late today or tomorrow morning!!!!!


p.s. - I had a thought this morning... IF we are lucky and this actually works the first time, this could be my last period until next year! Fun fact.