Mock Embryo Transfer: Check!

Woke up bright and early this morning to get to Shady Grove by 8am for my Mock Embryo Transfer appointment. Luckily, Kyle was able to get out of his part time traffic job this morning and could drive me there. I feel bad dragging him to all my appointments when he can only sit out in the waiting room, but it makes me feel less anxious when I don't have to worry about driving in 270 traffic and can just focus on the appointment and getting it over with. And, Kyle has been super supportive and wants to be there for everything, so he insists on coming, which is awesome :)

I'm coming to realize that all these appointments end up being a whole lot of "hurry up and wait." We rushed to get out the door by 7am this morning to get breakfast and make it just barely by 8 (ugh rush hour traffic) only to sit in the waiting room until 8:25 when they finally called me back... ugh. I was told I wasn't allowed to use the restroom until they called me because I'd have to produce a urine sample for a pregnancy test before the procedure (they almost always make sure you're not pregnant before every appointment... like I need more reminders that I'm not). And why is it that as soon as you're told you can't pee, you suddenly have to pee?

Eventually I was called back and shown to my room. More hurry up and wait. I hate this part of the appointments. Ya know, when they tell you, "Ok undress from the waist down and have a seat." For some reason I feel like I have to rush to get undressed and sit on the table with the cloth over me before the nurse comes in. But the nurse never comes in quickly, so instead I rush just to sit half naked and freezing staring at the wall for 10 minutes while I wait more. It's really not that bad, I just like to complain about it. 

To my surprise, it wasn't just a nurse or tech that came in though - it was a doctor!! **gasp!!** I get to see a DOCTOR today?!?! I just assumed a tech or nurse would be doing the procedure - not sure why - I mean, every appointment I go to is new for me so I never know what to expect. I haven't had great experience with tech's here in the past - most of them were confused when they tried to look for things with my deformity and they've also been slightly bitchy. SO, I was super excited to have a doctor. Not only because she was nice, but also because my time with an actual doctor that knows about my condition is very limited and I was pumped to get to ask her the questions that had been building up in my head. 

To be honest I don't even remember her name, it wasn't our normal doc (Dr. Sagoskin), but we will just call her Dr. O (I think her name started with O). Dr. O was able to find my lopsided left uterus right away AND she got pictures of both of my ovaries!! While I laid there and she looked at my left ovary I mentioned to her that the last time I got an ultrasound the tech couldn't get a good picture of my right one. She said, "oh yeah the left one is easy to find, but I can find the right one too, look, it's wayyyyyy over here. Since you have no uterus on the right there's nothing to pull it down so it's a little higher and more to the right than normal." She took great images and went through all of them with me at the end. She said that obviously it's up to the embryo to implant, but she doesn't see any reason why it would have any trouble and she got all the measurements they need for the real thing! Of course, I had to ask, "have you seen successful pregnancies with a unicorunate uterus before?" and she was super positive about it!! She said she actually just had a couple with the same thing and she just gave birth (at full term!!) last month!! Her couple had gone through several failed IUI attempts first before they moved onto IVF and she said we were smart to just jump right in and skip IUI. YAY!

I left feeling SO much better. Lately I've been having this lingering feeling that they are going to find something else wrong throughout all this process, but today reassured me that my abnormal uterus looks "normal" for a unicornuate uterus (Dr. O's words!) and that this IVF thing may actually work. 

So basically this long post was just to let you know that, today went good and we are free to move on with the IVF process!

p.s. - It is SUPER annoying that every time I type "unicornuate" spell check auto changes it to "incarnate." Then I have to go back, type it in correctly again, and then it gives me that stupid red underline. SPELL CHECK, IT'S A REAL WORD I SWEAR! #unicorngirlproblems