Oh and minor update since I posted this earlier.... I was told to schedule my pregnancy test for April 5!!! SO SOON! Bring on the 2 week wait!!!!

Our official embryo transfer time is 9:15am on Thursday!!!!!

We have to arrive 30 minutes before and there are all these complicated instructions on when to empty my bladder and how much I need to drink, etc etc. They like you to have a full bladder for the transfer because it makes your uterus easier to see on the ultrasound.

Unlike the egg retrieval, the embryo transfer procedure is much easier! I won't be put to sleep and the whole process should only take 5 minutes. They simply guide the embryo into your uterus with a catheter! I believe we will be able to see everything on the ultrasound which will be super exciting!!! How many moms get to see their baby when he or she (hopefully she) is just an embryo?!