A rollercoaster of emotions and sickness - that's what this past weekend consisted of. On my last post, I was on the up-swing. As of yesterday morning, my bladder was healing, I was feeling good, and I was thankful to have the worst behind me. It didn't last long though, because by 2pm, I felt like I was on my death bed again...

The hospital doctor had given me an antibiotic to prevent a UTI (which can sometimes occur when you have a catheter). It was just a 3 day antibiotic, so around 11:30 on Sunday, I decided to take the first one - couldn't hurt right? Meanwhile, I had also started all of my hormone medication that SGF instructed me to start taking after egg retrieval - Estrogen and Progesterone.

Around noon, I started feeling a little nauseous, but I figured it was probably because I took the medication on an empty stomach. We got some lunch, but by 1-2pm, I was the most nauseous I've ever felt in my whole life. I threw up all afternoon and was back to crying and screaming from my bed. That led to crying and laying on the bathroom floor because I could not stop throwing up. There was literally a moment yesterday afternoon that I felt so awful I wanted to give up and throw in the towel - I was SO done being sick. My mom came over again and luckily was able to prescribe me some anti-nausea medication that worked wonders fairly quickly. 

All late afternoon/evening I had these awful sharp stomach contractions and I didn't know where they were coming from. That was the problem with all of this - I was on so much new medication I didn't know what was causing what. Were my symptoms from the surgery? The punctured bladder? The hormone medication? I was so exhausted from the day that I fell asleep around 9pm and slept like a rock for the first time in awhile. And somehow, I woke up feeling SO much better.

Since today was finally Monday and no longer the weekend, we were able to call Dr. Sagoskin first thing this morning. I told him I was feeling better today, but had quite the weekend, and he told me to come in to do some tests this morning just to make sure all looked good. I was thrilled to finally have him back and be able to get everything checked out. We got to SGF around 9am and went back to the monitoring floor - it has only been 3 days since we were there every single day, but it felt like forever! And as if I hadn't already been poked enough over the last few weeks, I got to get my blood drawn again by Carlyene, for old times sake :) Boy was she surprised to see me! I made sure to tell her about the anesthesiologist that attempted to put the IV in my left hand - she laughed.

I also got a urine test done and ultrasound. Dr. Sagoskin came back in the ultrasound room to take a look and chat with us some. We concluded that it was definitely the UTI medication that made me super sick yesterday. Apparently the hospital prescribed me the "double strength" version of the antibiotic, and my stomach did not agree with it at all. He said the stomach contractions I was having was most likely my bladder trying to deal with the clotting. He prescribed me some meds for that, but said not to worry about taking it unless the contractions started coming back - which, luckily, they haven't yet today. I've also been taking my Estrogen and Progesterone still today, and haven't felt any nausea, so I think that pretty much narrows it down that it was the UTI meds. And thank goodness, because if the hormone medication was going to make me that sick, there was no way I was going to be able to take it every day.

The best news from today? Our 4 little embryos are still growing strong!! Today is considered Day 2 and embryos are supposed to double their cell count every 24 hours. Yesterday they were 2 cells, and today they are expected to be 4. Our Day 2 report showed we have three embryos at 4 cells (right on schedule!) and one over achiever at 7 cells already! YAY!

We won't get any further growth updates on them now, because they like to leave them alone without too much interference. But! Tomorrow we will get a call to let us know our official embryo transfer time for Thursday!!! Eeeek!!!

I'm still feeling good as of this afternoon (thank goodness!) and Kyle and I are treating ourselves to a day of relaxation after a weekend from hell. He's taking the night off work just to make sure I'm ok for a solid 24 hours - cause at this point, who knows what will happen lol. 

Hoping the worst really is behind us now, that our embryos continue to grow perfectly, and we CANT WAIT for our transfer on Thursday!!!!!!