Pre-Retrieval Day!

UPDATE: My blood work came back and the trigger did it's job! We are officially set for tomorrow! While on the phone with my nurse, I asked her how many eggs they expect to get from my retrieval - no one has really given me an estimate yet, and I'd like to have a number in my head so when they tell me tomorrow, I know if it's good or not. I said earlier my goal was 10, but that wasn't really based on anything other than the number of bigger follicles I have and what I've read online. Tina said 10 would be high - she said it's possible they would get 10, but only 5-6 would be mature. This seems low to me. I know so many people through my Facebook groups that get 15-20 eggs per retrieval, so I'm a little worried at the idea of only having 5-6. Out of those 5-6, it's possible only a few will fertilize normally, and then we still have to see how many make it to the 5 day blastocyst stage to be transferred. I'd be completely devastated if we got to our transfer day and none made it - I literally can't even think about that. I know we only need 1, but it's hard looking at the numbers and percentages and worrying. Please pray we get a good number of high quality mature eggs tomorrow and that they fertilize normally!!!!

Got our second call last night with all of our official times! We were instructed to do the Lupron trigger at 7:30pm last night, we need to arrive at SGF tomorrow at 6am to prep and then my retrieval will be at 7:30am - exactly 36 hours after trigger! I was super happy with this time because although we will have to get up super early tomorrow, it will be nice to just do it first thing, get it over with, and not have to sit around thinking about it all day.

My Lupron injection went fine last night! Didn't hurt any worse than the others and I was SO happy to be DONE with injections!! We went to SGF this morning to get my blood work done for the last time (woo hoo!). It was crazy packed and we had to wait awhile because my official appointment time was 9:15am (all they had), but I had to get my blood drawn between 7-9am to see if the trigger worked. So, they told us to just arrive whenever and they would take us in between patients. While we waited in the waiting room, I never saw Carlyene come out once to call back a patient, so I was convinced she wasn't there today. But after waiting 20 minutes, she surprised me when she came out to call my name! I said, "whew I thought you weren't here today!" and she goes, "well, I'm working in the back today, but they pulled me up here to come do your blood work" - I felt so special. Really, I just think all the other ladies hate me cause I try to tell them they are wrong when they miss my veins. I don't care though, I say it every day, I love Carlyene. When she was done drawing my blood, she said, "this vein here, this is the good one, they should use this one tomorrow for your IV." I said, "ok I'll tell them!" To which she replied, "oh no don't tell them, they don't like that, let them search and then if they are poking around, tell them Carlyene told you to use that vein" HAHA I love her.

Still waddling around in pain, but I'm home from work today just relaxing and enjoying the fact that I don't have to do any injections so I'm in a great mood. Kyle and I are going to see Beauty & the Beast tonight too - SO EXCITED!

Tonight I have to take a one time medication with dinner to prep for surgery. To be honest I don't even know what it does, but it's a PILL and that's the greatest thing ever. We will be getting up bright and early tomorrow morning and leaving the house by 5:15am! Kyle has to "produce his sample" before we leave - his ONLY job in this whole process. [Although, I guess I can't make fun of him too much since he's been great support.] I believe when we get there tomorrow he will be with me the whole time. The actual procedure itself only takes 30 minutes, but they said to expect to be there for about 3 hours. They will be putting me under anesthesia, so I think all that prep and then waking me up takes some time. I'll probably be a little sore afterwards, but they will tell me as soon as I wake up how many good eggs they got, so I think I'll be so excited to find out and be done that I won't care much. They haven't told me how many they expect to get, but my own personal goal is to have at least 10 mature eggs.

Still waiting today to hear my blood results from this morning. As long as my body responded to the Lupron correctly, we will be good to go!

How crazy is it that we will have fertilized eggs by tomorrow?!?!?!? AHHH! So exciting!!!!!