Proud of my uterus!

Yeah.. that's a weird thing to say.

But! It's true!! We just got done our appointment earlier this afternoon. This one was the "2 week check on the cervix" appointment that we scheduled after our anatomy scan. I wasn't really sure what to expect from this appointment cause I didn't know how they would measure my cervix, but I assumed it would be some combination of me in stirrups and something being poked up inside of me.

Luckily though, I was wrong, and my streak of appointments with my pants on continued! Woo hoo! Turns out they just use abdominal ultrasound and can see the length of your cervix using that! Which also meant.... a surprise peek at our baby boy!!! I almost cried when the nurse said "wait here we are getting the sonogram room ready for you" ... uh YAY! I felt jipped at our last sonogram, so getting another one so soon was super exciting!!!!

The doctor we had this time did a MUCH better job of pointing everything out to us. Baby's heartbeat was still perfect, he was measuring OVER A POUND(!!), and he was definitely still a boy :) My cervix was still closed and measuring long which is GREAT news!!!!! My deformed uterus is doing a pretty good job so far :) The placenta was still covering the bottom of my uterus (the placenta previa I learned about at the last appointment), but I learned it was only "marginal placenta previa" which means it's not completely covering my cervix - so at least that's better I think.

I got a much better feeling from this appointment that they are in fact monitoring me closer than I thought and paying attention to my uterus, so that made me feel better. The doctor is having me come back again in 2 weeks for another sonogram (YAY!) to check my cervix again. Depending on how it looks then, they will decide if they need to keep monitoring it or not. So, that appointment is on Aug 21, then I have another appointment scheduled for Sept 5 - this will be either a regular check up OR sonogram to check my cervix, and then two weeks after that (28 weeks) I'll do my sugar/glucose check to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes. So we got a good road map of what the next several weeks will entail. By then I'll be into the third trimester, so it looks like we will be doing appointments every two weeks from here until closer to my due date.

I feel super happy with how today went, and like I said, pretty proud of my uterus :) We are SO close to the 25 week viability mark which will be a huge relief for me. I can't believe how quickly the weeks are flying by!

In other news, we painted the nursery on Saturday (huge thanks to my grandma for coming and helping us with that!!). We also got the crib put together and a shelf in the closet. I'm doing some more updates to it this Sunday and then maybe I'll post some sneak peek pictures! Also I mentioned on my last post that we had our hospital tour on Sunday. That deserves a post all on it's own, so maybe I'll save that for later, but whew, that was an overwhelming trip. Long story short though, I did leave LOVING the Shady Grove Hospital and I think we are super lucky to be delivering there!

I think that's it for today! I just ate dinner so I'm off to lay down and feel this little boy wiggle around (SO much movement lately!!).