No Calls Today

For the first time in a LONG time, I do not expect to get any calls from SGF today. Normally, every day, I'm anxiously looking at my phone every hour waiting for results on something (blood work, or dosage changes, or trigger times, or monitoring appointments, or embryo growth, blah blah blah), but today, I can relax. And by relax, I mean wait impatiently for tomorrow.

It is officially T-24 hours until Embryo Transfer - the final step and moment we've been waiting for! Last night I updated our calendar with our big countdown. I actually don't think I ever posted a picture of our crazy calendar on here since I first got it, so I will now. You can see all my notes on medication and monitoring appointments at the bottom! This calendar started out with my birth control phase, but then once I ran out of room I erased that part at the top and continued the end of March and beginning of April at the top. Now I have all the big milestones in there. Back in the two week window of injections, putting a check mark on each day was what I lived for. Probably going to be the same way checking off the days till our pregnancy test, only, less shots.

I did call this morning and schedule my blood work pregnancy test for the 5th! The lady asked me what time and I said 7am, cause duh, I'm going as early as possible. So, other than that, no updates today. I'll post tomorrow after our transfer and you can FINALLY see our awesome transfer day shirts that I ordered like 2 months ago!!!!!