So much waiting

I'm back at work today! Know what's crazy? This is my first full day at work since March 9. Yup. Bye bye sick time. Although I know this day is going to drag, it was kinda nice getting up this morning on my old normal routine and not having to go to SGF for monitoring. For the first time in weeks, we will not be at SGF for 2 days straight (today and tomorrow). My bruised arms are so happy.

Today is going so slow though and I'm just waiting for the call. I want to know so badly what our transfer time will be Thursday!! This process involves SO much waiting and I'm not patient. At all. Also totally wishing there was such thing as a live microscope cam so we could watch our little embryos. Then I really would be distracted and get nothing done.

This week is going to be LONG. I'll update later once I hear my time!!