The Meds Have Arrived!

And I really thought I was prepared for a large amount, but yet somehow, there was still WAY more than I expected...

I had scheduled delivery for this past Friday and when I checked the tracking number Friday morning, it was already "out for delivery" at 7:30am - woo hoo! It should arrive soon then! So I thought... I went to work, checked throughout the day, made Kyle stay home to wait for it, came home from work, still nothing... By 8:15pm I had given up hope that they were coming, but 15 minutes later, they were FINALLY here! [ps.. notice the box says "Rush - Perishable - Rush" ...clearly, the UPS guy didn't care that we were basically the last person he visited Friday... yes, I know I'm impatient] And bad timing too... Kyle was just leaving for work, the dogs started going nuts barking at the UPS guy, and I so badly wanted to take my time opening everything up, but still wanted Kyle to be there with me when we unpacked all of it. He stayed late a few minutes to help me figure out how to store everything (about half of it gets refrigerated).

We opened the box and started taking things out and it was like IT NEVER ENDED. Cooler boxes, ice packs, SO MANY NEEDLES, boxes and boxes of medication. Holy moly.

And it basically sat out on my counter like that all weekend until today. I had a shoot that I was doing for Ginger & Blooms on Saturday, so I didn't have time to go through all of it, but today I spent some time "styling" (a term us creative people use when we typically flat style wedding invitations, jewelry, etc) my medication. I am SO weird. But I got some good pictures so that one day I can look back and see how CRAZY this is. IVF is no joke.

How on earth am I going to take all of this?!?!

I have to admit, I had mixed feelings going through all of it. Part of me felt excited... like, it's here! It's real! I might actually be pregnant by March!!!! And then another part of me is totally terrified. I'm scared about how I'm going to handle all of this and how the medication is going to affect me and even if I'm going to be tough enough to go through with it. I keep reminding myself to stay focused on that excitement I feel because that makes me feel stronger and gives me the motivation I need. One step at a time.

Happy to have this step out of the way for now. The bad part? This isn't even all of the medication!!! I still have the Lupron from the other pharmacy that I'll need to order closer to when I start the meds. And I have the birth control that I'll be on for 14-21 days in February once my next cycle starts (in like... 12ish days probably).

Next step: Our injection class on the 7th!