30 weeks, 4 days

Nope I cannot believe it!!! Less than 10 weeks to go until we meet our little boy, and sometimes it's crazy to me how fast this pregnancy has gone. Occasionally I seriously think I'm just getting fat and don't believe I'm actually pregnant because it's so surreal, but when he's kicking and squirming around in there, it's a quick reminder that there's definitely a baby in there!

We went back to the OB on Friday last week. We've had the same doctor, Dr. Helmbrecht, 3 times in a row now and I've decided she's my favorite. I'm really hoping she's the one on call when I deliver! Anyway, it was a great and very detailed appointment. She did an abdominal ultrasound (my fav!) to check out my placenta. She said it's definitely moved some throughout my pregnancy - it's no longer covering my cervix - but it's still considered "low lying" and the edge of it is right there at the opening to my cervix. She said there's still a small chance it could move and they will continue to monitor it, but if it's still at that position once we reach 34 weeks, we will schedule a C-section for 39 weeks. At this point, I personally don't really see it moving up anymore, and I'm honestly totally OK with that. It's moved up enough so that it's no longer dangerous for me to go into labor on my own (if you have full placenta previa and go into labor you can have massive amounts of bleeding, so they typically schedule your C-section for 37 weeks in order to prevent that), so for me, it's safe to wait until 39 weeks for my c-section. AND... since we all know I'm the queen of planning, I'd love to just have a set date rather than waiting around wondering when the baby is going to come - I think my anxiety would skyrocket doing that. Regardless, waiting for a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks still means I could go into labor naturally before then, and if that happens, the doctor said I would just go to the hospital and do my c-section then.

So currently, we have our next appointment at 32 weeks on Oct 16 - this will just be a regular check up for blood pressure and baby's heartbeat. Then at 34 weeks on Oct 30 we will go in for another ultrasound to check the placenta one final time. So hopefully, at that appointment, we will finally know the plan and be able to schedule my c-section. Then it's just waiting around and hoping Coleson stays put until our scheduled date!

Other than looking at placenta stuff, we also got more peeks at Coleson during our ultrasound on Friday. The doctor was surprised at how much room and fluid is still in my uterus and how much he was moving around! He literally was squirming the entire time she had the wand on my stomach - so cute! She said my uterus has surprisingly acted just as a normal one (although its definitely more on the left) and has stretched perfectly! He's still head down too which is good - not that it matters since I'm probably getting a c-section anyway, but it is still surprising how normal everything has been. Honestly if it wasn't for this stupid placenta placement (which isn't even related to my unicornuate uterus anyway - so they say), this pregnancy has been totally normal and maybe I would have even had a shot at a natural delivery. Pretty crazy.

I think that's all the news I have. Next few weeks doctor-wise will be pretty boring until our 34 week appointment, but work has been CRAZY busy lately, so it's kind of a good thing I haven't had much else going on. Hoping things at work will calm down a bit after October since we will be headed into the holidays. I'm also coordinating my last wedding on Oct 21, so once that's over, things really will be calming down and I'll be in full baby prep mode. I'm realizing what a blessing it is that our due date is falling right in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's the happiest time of the year and things just typically slow down which will be nice. And! it's going to allow me to use my maternity leave all through the holidays which is so nice. Although we will be sleepless and busy with a newborn, I'm excited to spend some cozy time in our house with the Christmas tree, lights, and endless movies on TV! Ahhh I just can't wait!!