1dp5dt = 1 day past 5 day transfer. This is an actual form of naming the days, I didn't just make it up :)

According to the internet, our little embryo (actually, it's technically a blastocyst) should be "hatching" out of its shell today. Do not ask me what that means cause I have no clue. I really wish I had an on-call embryologist that I could just ask questions to all day long. I've decided that being an embryologist has to be one of the coolest jobs ever.

Obviously, no symptoms yet. It takes an embryo around 48 hours to even start implanting and even then, it takes a few days for it to fully implant and your body to start making the pregnancy hormone, hCG. My doctor has convinced me numerous times that embryos do not fall out, however, it is very hard for me to comprehend that and I'm constantly worried I'm doing too much. These two weeks are going to take foreverrrrrrr.

Just trying to keep my mind busy and counting down the days (12 more, in case you were wondering).