It's a BOY!!!

Not gonna lie, I was completely shocked because I REALLY thought it was a girl - maybe my "motherly instincts" haven't kicked in yet?? 

BUT! Even though it took a few hours for the shock to go away (I literally had spent the last 4 months looking at girl nurseries, names, and clothes - probably stupid, yes), by Sunday I was just so excited about finally knowing more about the little baby growing inside of me that I couldn't imagine it NOT being a boy. And yes, Kyle is OVER THE MOON happy.

My sister stayed the weekend with us and her and I spent all Saturday night planning out a boy nursery - it was so fun to FINALLY get to make plans and actually know I can go out and buy stuff now! Sunday we went shopping at Pottery Barn to take advantage of their Friends & Family weekend sale. We had already bought a crib awhile back on sale, but we wanted to finish off getting the rest of the big pieces now that we knew the gender. We scored a floor model "as-is" upholstered rocking chair for 50% off and took it home yesterday - so lucky! It looks brand new! And we also ordered our changing table/dresser which will be delivered sometime in September. Plusssss of course I found some cute pieces at the store that I had to pick up. We got a fitted sheet for the crib, a fleece blanket, and some curtains!

I felt so accomplished checking those big items off the list!!! And SO excited!!! It's so so so fun to be able to picture everything now and really connect with the growing life inside of me by referring to it as "he/him" and not "it" or "the baby." And we've started working on a name too :) We haven't decided 100% yet, but we have a definite front runner.

This weekend we are planning to start painting the nursery (and by "we" I mean Kyle, since I'm not really allowed to paint). We also have an appointment to tour the maternity floor at Shady Grove Hospital on Sunday!

Anyway, just a quick update cause things are busy around here, but we are so excited to meet this little BOY in December!!! :)