Medication Frustration


Oh the joys of phone ordered medication...

Remember like two weeks ago when I said I called the CVS Caremark number to place my medication order and then they were going to call me back in 3 days to tell me how much it cost and to schedule a delivery?? Yeah, well that never happened. 

So, I called them last week to check the status only to be told that whoever placed my order put it in the "wrong place" and now this guy I was talking to (who clearly did not speak good english) was going to put it in the "right place" and all would be fixed now. After expressing my frustration, he assured me that he was going to take care of it and I'd hear back on Friday by noon.

Friday at noon came and went and I didn't hear anything, but honestly, hearing from them was the last thing on my mind. Those of you who know us know my husband was working on a riot team in DC for the inauguration on Friday, and I was so panicked about his safety that I wasn't exactly waiting for a medication call. It was Saturday when I realized that I had never heard back from them. Ugh... I knew I had to call them back on Monday.

So this morning I called again to check the status. After being put on hold for 10 minutes, a benefits lady finally answered the phone. She said she would send the prescription to my insurance today, but that it usually takes 2 days to hear back. YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!! This is literally what they tell me every time I call. Again, I was assured that it was definitely getting done this time and that I'll hear back in 2 days. At this point, I'd put some serious money down on this bet. But, at least this time I asked for a specific name, number and extension to call so I don't have to re-explain my story when I call back in 2 days. 

And ya know what's incredibly frustrating?? Each time I've talked to someone there, they always ask, "well when exactly do you need the medication by?" to which I answer, "I'm starting IVF in February." But that's never good enough. "OK but like what actual date in February?" UMM HELLO I don't know because it's dependent on my cycle!!!! I've decided next time they ask me this, I'm just going to pick a random date that's soon so they just hurry up already.

I also can't help but think, what if Kyle and I weren't going on our Feb ski trip and I actually wanted to start IVF this month???? There's no way my medication would have been here on time! GET IT TOGETHER PEOPLE!

I apologize for all of my capital letters. See, this is what happens when you talk on the phone to incompetent people and get put on hold and have to listen to awful elevator music. It's not healthy.

I suppose that's all for today. Thanks for tuning in to this edition of, "Alyssa loves to complain" :)