Stimulation Day 3

We are doing better! Last night I was completely dreading going home to do injections again. This time I tried just letting Kyle prep everything and I stayed on the couch - I feel like the less I'm involved and the less I stare at the needle, the better off I am. The Menopur still burned going in and took FOREVER, but I didn't cry this time. The Follistim is still my favorite - how messed up is it that I have a favorite? I did bleed a tiny bit this time, but I'm chalking that up to the fact that Kyle is a newbie and my mom gives needles for a living.

So I have faith now that every day it really will get easier. Last night was 100 times better than the first night and I'm less scared about going home after work today. Just focusing on the fact that I just have one more set of injections tonight before my appointment tomorrow. Even though the monitoring appointments suck, they do help break up the days. I'm really hoping I get some kind of indication on how my follicles are responding and how long they think I'll need to do injections before my egg retrieval. It's SO crazy to think that my egg retrieval surgery will be sometime next week.

I am already having side effects from the medication. Awful, awful headaches and I can't take Advil - only Tylenol, which I hate. I'm also pretty uncomfortable the whole night after the injections - I can only lay certain ways and I get occasional sharp pains where the medicine is. No bloating yet, but I can literally feel my ovaries - it's the weirdest feeling. It's going to be really interesting dressing for work as they keep getting bigger - can't I just wear leggings everyday????

Here's to one more day down!