20 weeks 3 days, halfway, and the BIG DAY!

That rhymed :)


We've been waiting for this day for what seems like forever and to say I'm anxious/nervous/excited is a HUGE understatement. I don't even know how to describe my emotions for today. All I know is I'll be constantly staring at the clock at work today until I can leave at 1:00 to go home, wake up Kyle, change, and leave for our appointment!!

I had a very eventful weekend which has helped that past few days go fast! On Saturday I drove to Baltimore to go wedding dress shopping with my bestie!! We had the most amazing and relaxing morning - it seriously could not have gone more perfect! We had planned to go to two bridal salons, but ended up finding "THE ONE" at the first shop in the morning! Erin's dress is seriously so gorgeous and more perfect than anything I could have imagined her in - she's going to look like such a princess on her wedding day!! I cried, of course, but not because of the pregnancy hormones, just because my best friend looked so gorgeous and I can't believe she's GETTING MARRIED SO SOON!!! Since she said yes to the dress at the first salon, we cancelled the second appointment and instead had a long amazing brunch at Cheesecake Factory complete with fried mac & cheese :)

Sunday Kyle and I spent the whole day cleaning the house. Base boards, showers, everything that gets skipped in our usual short weekly cleaning chores. I wanted to get everything done around the house so that once we find out the gender we can get rolling on the nursery! Although my back was KILLING me by the end of the day, it felt good to have such a productive day!

Yesterday I drove to VA for work, which sucked, but made the day go fast and allowed me to get some extra hours to cover my half day for today's appointment :)

So now we're at today. I seriously can't believe we are halfway. I've had this secret goal in my brain since the beginning of this pregnancy - 25 weeks. That's when a baby is considered to be developed enough to be "viable" outside the womb. Not that I would ever, ever want to deliver that early, but of course I'm terrified of my deformed uterus, and making it to 25 weeks would be a huge relief. Now, we are almost to that goal, and I'm just realllyyyy praying that our appointment today shows that we should easily make it to that point.

Big things for today. Is baby developing normally? And is my cervix still holding strong? Those are the two main questions I hope to have answered! And yes, of course, we will get our gender envelope today too (ahh!!), but won't find out the results until we meet up with family this Saturday! I will be much more excited for that once I know everything today looks good!

I will be sure to post tomorrow once we get results from today's appointment! Wish us luck!! I cannot wait to see that little baby that's been kicking me so much lately :)