Minor Progress

I meant to post yesterday, but the day just got away from me. It was also just one of those days where I wanted to pretend this whole problem didn't exist. Those days have been less frequent lately, but they still pop up sometimes. I'm trying so hard to stay positive and remain focused on the process of it all, but it's hard. It's a balance. A balance between remaining positive and having confidence in your body and your doctors and yet also not being so positive that you get your hopes up only to be let down. It's like in high school when you get excited about your new crush, but you don't want to let your heart get too excited or open up too much in case you find out he doesn't like you. I just don't want to be let down - I'm SO afraid of how I'll feel if that happens. But, some progress has been made over the past two days, so for now, I'm focused on that. The best thing about IVF is that there's so much you have to do that it helps keep your mind busy. 

On Tuesday, I got an email from Shady Grove notifying me that they saw my insurance approval go through for my medication and that one of the medications, Lupron, wasn't covered by my insurance. They said I was set to schedule delivery for everything else through CVS Caremark (the lovely people I've talked to on the phone like 5 times now...), but that they sent my prescription for Lupron to another pharmacy since the self-pay option there is much cheaper. I have to say, I love how organized Shady Grove is. My primary nurse is even out on vacation right now, but they had someone else specifically check my medication approvals, know that one wasn't covered and searched for another pharmacy that would give me a cheaper option. Impressive, I think. 

The last I had talked to CVS Caremark, they were still "processing" my order through insurance and I was waiting for a call from them by Wednesday. Totally wasn't holding my breath for that call since I've heard the same story from them 3 times. But! Shady Grove said they saw the approval come through AND I now had to cancel the Lupron order through them - YAY an excuse for me to call them again and try to schedule my delivery!!!

This time I got to the person I needed right away because I had made sure to keep her extension from the last time we chatted - no more elevator music = win. She said we could go ahead and schedule delivery (YAY!) and she took the Lupron off my order. I waited while she went through the entire list of medications (there's like 10 different things, it's so crazy) and told me how much everything was going to be. I had no idea what to expect for cost, but luckily, the whole order was only $144 - not too bad. AND the delivery is coming tomorrow!! So happy to get that checked off the list!

After talking to Caremark, I called the new pharmacy for the Lupron. I was informed that this medication expires within 14 days, so I have to wait until I know the exact dates I'm using it to place the order so that they can time the shipping correctly. Even though insurance isn't covering it, it was only $60.

I had no idea these medications can expire so quickly. I do kinda wish Shady Grove had gone over the list of medications with me and told me what expires and what doesn't. I still have no idea if what Caremark is sending me is correct because I had no list to compare it to, but I suppose I just need to trust that they've done this a million times and know what they are doing. I can't wait to see all the medications when they get here tomorrow! (omg I sound SO weird saying that - who is excited to see needles and medication??)

Only other news is that I got THE BEST shirts on Etsy for Kyle and I to wear when we finally get to embryo transfer day. I'd show you, but I kinda want to keep it a surprise :) 

Not much going on around here until our injection class on the 7th, but I'll be sure to post my shipment of drugs sometime this weekend!