Stimulation Day 7 & Monitoring

Just a quick update this morning cause I'm about to head out the door for a venue walkthrough with a bride in DC!

I've officially been at SGF for morning monitoring 3 of the last 4 days. Whew... Today's appointment went ok. They weren't able to get a good picture of my right ovary to be able to measure the follicles - so that was annoying. It's weird - just some days they are able to see it and some days not. But, Dr. Sagoskin was there again today and he said he mainly wanted me in for blood work today anyway, so seeing the follicles wasn't that big of a deal since they just saw them yesterday.

I have to wait and get a call from the nurse later today to see what our next steps are based on my blood levels. Dr. S had us make an appointment for Monday, so hopefully we will stick with that and don't have to go back in again tomorrow. I'd like a day off! The nurse will also tell us if we are keeping our same dose tonight or switching it up.

That's really it for now - if anything interesting happens based on our call from the nurse later, I'll update, otherwise, I'll post again tomorrow!