Waiting, waiting, waiting. When they submitted our authorization for both IVF and IUI to the insurance company almost 2 weeks ago, they said it typically takes about 2 weeks to receive the authorization back. Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks since it was submitted, and today I was impatient and emailed our Shady Grove fertility lady just to ask if she had heard anything even though I knew she hadn't otherwise she would have emailed me, duh Lyss. I felt dumb for emailing her, but I always just assume people forget about me and I want to remind them that I'm waiting, so at least she knows I'm still waiting and very aware that the 2 week deadline she gave me expires tomorrow. But then also, that 2 weeks fell over the New Year holiday week, so hopefully that doesn't slow the approval process down...

Ugh, my brain.

Anyway, we aren't on as much of a tight timeline as we initially were. Originally I had thought we would start IVF on my January cycle, but then I got a tentative timeline back from Shady Grove and it looked like it would definitely impact our Ski Trip [no I don't really ski, but the resort is SO NICE. I "ski" the first day and then the second day I spa :) ] we have planned for the end of February. I thought we'd be able to squeeze in a month of IVF before our trip, but that was before when I knew nothing about IVF and didn't know I'd have to first take birth control for 14-21 days. Yes, birth control - oh the irony of infertility treatments. SOO it looks like we will start on my February cycle instead which would mean a March egg retrieval and transfer. At first I was annoyed at more waiting, but at least it will allow us to enjoy our big ski trip and one last "hurrah!" before we begin the joys of IVF.

So for now, we wait. We also have tons of paperwork and videos and "learning modules" to go through before we start anyway. Kyle and I were supposed to do it this weekend, but then we didn't cause we were lazy. It feels like homework!!!

Hopefully we will have more info from our insurance soon :)