Always Something to Worry About

My aunt texted me the other day - it was the day we had our last ultrasound at SGF and saw the heartbeat - and she said, "So what's the next big date? I have to start worrying again!"

It's SO TRUE! I told myself, "after we hear the heartbeat, I'll feel better" and then I felt better for like, an hour, and then went right on with worrying about the next thing. I've come to realize that pregnancy is just 9 months of straight worrying followed by a lifetime of worrying about your child. Oh boy!

Luckily, after our last appointment at SGF, we only had to wait 4 days till our first regular OB appointment, so there wasn't too much time to worry, but still, we had our first scare in that 4 day time span. On Friday, I got home from work around 5:30pm, went to the bathroom, and changed my panty liner (I've been wearing these for WEEKS because of the progesterone suppositories I'm still on. Yes, it's getting extremely annoying). Anyway, I put on a new one, and by 7:30pm when I went pee again, I had a panic attack because I had bled a decent amount of bright red blood in that 2 hour timeframe. It wasn't a ton, but it wasn't just spotting either. Of course I immediately jumped to the worst scenario possible and thought I was having a miscarriage. We called the SGF emergency number so that I could talk to a nurse. I felt dramatic about calling, but it made me feel so much better. The nurse said since I had just had a vaginal ultrasound 2 days prior, it's normal for that to sometimes irritate the cervix and cause a small amount of bleeding. She told me to monitor it till the morning and if I was still bleeding by then, they would have me come in Saturday for an ultrasound. Luckily, I didn't bleed at all anymore after I called her, so I felt much better about it, but still, I was anxious for Monday to arrive so I could confirm everything was OK with the baby. 

Our appointment today at the regular OB was at 10am. We got there at 9:30 though because I had gobs of new patient paperwork to fill out. I think I mentioned on here before that I'm not going to my typical OB/GYN because she's in Towson. So, I went with a recommendation from a friend and SGF to try out this new one. They took us back at 10:20, which was kinda annoying, because it seemed we were the only ones there. The nurse took my vitals and put us in a room where we then waited another 20 minutes to see the doctor. Once he finally came in, we chatted about my medical history, family history, IVF stuff, etc. I told him about my uterus and he didn't seem too concerned about it - we honestly barely talked about it at all. He seemed to think it wouldn't cause any issues and that if it were to cause problems, they could easily refer me to a high risk specialist, but he assured me that he deals with high risk patients all the time. I wasn't really sure if it was a good thing that he wasn't concerned (meaning he's dealt with it tons before and has it totally under control), or if it's bad because he just doesn't care? I'm sure it's the former, but I'm just so used to being treated like I'm weird that it felt strange for him to be so normal about it.

Since it was my first time there, they did a full physical, which I wasn't expecting, so we were there awhile. He did an ultrasound (my favorite part!) so we got to see the baby and even hear the heartbeat this time! Baby is still growing on schedule and is even 3-4 days bigger than expected! They also gave me a LabCorp sheet with orders to get my blood drawn. Luckily (or unluckily..), there was a LabCorp in the same building, so Kyle insisted we get it over with... blah. It's been awhile since I got my blood drawn and instead of just 1 vial like normal at SGF, I had SIX taken - ew. 

The craziest thing?? My next scheduled appointment isn't for FOUR WEEKS! I don't think I've gone more than 2 weeks without a doctors appointment, so it's going to feel weird waiting so long!! I'll be 12 weeks by then, so the first trimester will almost be over - pretty crazy!

Now on to 4 weeks of worrying... :)