The Anatomy Scan!

If you want the short version: We can all breathe a sigh of relief because Baby G is healthy and developing normally!! YAY!!

Now the long version:

Apparently while I was doing the typical "pee in a cup" part of the OB appointment, Kyle overheard the receptionist say that the office accidentally double booked our appointment time with some other couple who also was getting an ultrasound.. ugh. SO overall, I felt like we kinda got jipped cause our sonogram time was so short. I had read online these usually take ~40 minutes, but although we were at the office for an hour, our actual sonogram time with the doctor was probably only 15-20 minutes. Sad.

But, even though it was short, the doctor did a good job of pointing out everything to us and it was SO exciting seeing our little baby wiggling around in there! The doctor took a bunch of measurements - fluid behind the brain, skull, spine, heart, stomach, kidneys, etc. Every time he would take a new measurement I felt like I stopped breathing until he would say "that looks normal!" 

We were so relieved to know that our baby looked healthy! Unfortunately, we did find out one complication with me though. Apparently I have what's called "placenta previa" which means the placenta has attached to the bottom of my uterus covering the opening to my cervix. This is a problem because essentially, it's blocking the baby from coming out, but more than that, when I go into labor, it can cause extreme amounts of bleeding. Since it's still early, it's possible that it will move further up the side of my uterus as my uterus continues to stretch and now my doctor will be monitoring that potential movement with more sonograms as we get closer to the due date (yay for more sonograms though!). If it doesn't move, most likely it will mean that we will have to schedule a c-section to avoid me going into labor naturally and losing too much blood. Although it's scary to add another complication to the mix, the doctor didn't seem too concerned, and the news of potentially having a scheduled c-section didn't matter much to me since I'm assuming I'll end up with a c-section anyway because of my uterus shape. Also, the good thing is I've had zero bleeding (minus the tiny bit I had at 5 weeks which would be unrelated to the placenta), which the doctor was surprised about - usually placenta previa causes bleeding throughout pregnancy, but it's good to know that if I do experience some I know what it's from.  I also wondered if placenta previa and a unicornuate uterus were connected in anyway, but the doctor said both conditions have nothing to do with each other - I guess I'm just that special - yay. 

The other piece of good news though is that my cervix is still closed which means it hasn't started to shorten at all yet and the ultrasound showed that my uterus is growing great and baby has plenty of space to move around! I was SO relieved about this!!!

We did end up with some pictures from the scan, but I was sad at the lack of good ones! Literally as soon as the doctor left the room I whined to Kyle, "we got NO good pictures!!!" to which he immediately replied, "the doctor just told us our baby is healthy and the first thing you say is we have no pictures?!" hahahaha... I guess he was right on that one. We didn't get the usual side profile view with the cute button nose that I wanted cause the baby wouldn't cooperate to get that angle. Instead we have pictures of the front view of the face, which, is honestly kinda creepy cause it looks like a skeleton hahaha, but oh well. 

We go back in two weeks because the doctor wants to measure my cervix again. He said if he gets two good measurements on it at this point, he's not worried about my uterus space. Which is great! Although I don't really understand it since the baby is still going to get significantly bigger over the next few months. Anyway, after that appointment, we will have our usual monthly check up on Sept 5 and then another ultrasound to check on the placenta movement at the end of September. I'm kinda glad we only need to wait two weeks to go back!

So what about the gender??? We told the doctor right away we wanted it in an envelope to take home, so he made us look away when he checked for a boy or girl. The envelope is currently sealed and sitting in my garage and it's KILLING ME. But I think since I made it through the initial stress of not peeking I'll be able to make it till Saturday. 

We are SO excited to have this appointment behind us, know Baby G is healthy, and now can look forward to our gender reveal with family this weekend!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!

Boy or Girl?!?!