No News

Not much going on over here, but just popping in to say hi. 

Thrilling developments this week:

1. I got a heating pad. A lot of advice I hear from fellow IVFers is that a heating pad after injections helps the pain. Apparently, heating pads have made some serious improvements since last I used one - which was probably like, 1999. The one I got is fuzzy and soft like a blanket, has ties so I can tie it around my waist, and a fancy remote with lots of settings. Thrilling, I know.

2. I ordered a calendar. A gigantic, dry erase, calendar. I plan to hang it in our bedroom and use it to write down our medication protocol so it helps me stay on track, organized, and focused on the process. Gonna look great hanging in our bedroom don't ya think?

I also spoke to my primary nurse this morning who is back from vacation now. I was confused about how they decide when you start birth control and how long you take it - all the forms I had said you start it cycle day 2-4 and then you take it for 14-21 days and I wasn't sure how the exact number of days was determined. I assumed it would be a health/medical reason that would decide, but it's actually all schedule oriented! When I call on cycle day 1, they look at their schedule for the clinic and try to time your birth control so that your protocol will line up well with the current demand they have. They will only allow a certain number of women per day to start an IVF protocol. Pretty neat! So when I call, they will let me know then the exact number of days I need to take it and when to start - all which will affect the timing of my IVF meds.

6 more days till injection training. ~9 more days until cycle day 1 and our official start!