Spring Cleaning

Ok, yes, it's not Spring, but was this weekend's weather gorgeous or WHAT?!

I had been planning this past weekend as a "cleaning weekend" because it was my only weekend with zero plans for what seems like forever. Typically, we keep our home pretty neat and organized, but with our dryer breaking last week and our hectic schedules, our house had been put on the back burner and needed some serious TLC. Kyle worked this weekend and had to sleep during the day, so I literally had the whole weekend to clean and organize!

I cleaned from 7am to 5pm on Saturday - yes, I am crazy. I also did like 500 bajillion loads of laundry and got rid of 3-4 trash bags of crap out of closets/drawers/cabinets. The warm weather put me in the best mood and cleaning with the windows open and music on is one of my favorite things to do. I got most everything done on Saturday, so Sunday I spent running some fun errands. I got my nails done in prep for our vacation and I went to Target to get a new rug for our living room (read: went to target to get rug, left with $400 worth of home decor...oops).

It's amazing what a clean house, warm weather, and some new decor pieces for your home can do for your mood. I feel like I'm mentally in such a good place (I mean, who's isn't when you're about to go on vacation??) which is helping so much with prepping for our big month in March. I'm so happy I checked off all of my cleaning to-dos this weekend. Now, we can leave for our trip this week knowing we will come back to a clean and organized house and I'll be refreshed and ready to tackle the stimulation phase!!

Probably won't post here again till we get back from our vacation, but once I'm back, we'll be full steam ahead on IVF and the updates will be coming much more frequently!