Life has a funny way of timing things. While I've been dealing with this infertility roller coaster of emotions for quite some time now, March is now here and this is the month we've been waiting for. You know what else is in March? 3 separate baby shower/gender reveal parties for my friends...great timing huh? I'm sure you ladies, if you're reading this, know who you are - and please know I'm SO EXCITED for you and your showers and this is not your fault at all, but gosh, the timing just sucks.

Today I online shopped for 3 baby gifts for each of these showers, which, wasn't hard because I literally have a list on my phone of all my favorite baby stuff from instagram, Pinterest, etc., but it's not easy buying that stuff not knowing if you'll ever have your own baby to shop for. I write this only because I know so many other women going through infertility that deal with these same emotions. It's hard enough just going to baby showers, but 3 in a row while giving yourself IVF hormone injections every night? Yeah... that's just going to be an emotional mess. 

So, March, here we go. Your timing is ironic, but I'm going to do my best to go with the flow, follow the process, and trust that everything happens for a reason.

Here's to the last day of birth control and the first day of what could end up (no, WILL end up) being a very happy month!!