Maternity pants, that is.

I got my first two pairs and I've started wearing them this week. It's weird. I know everyone says they are SOOOO comfy and don't get me wrong, they are, especially after you've spent the last two weeks still trying to squeeze into your size 2 work pants, but at the same time, wearing them is a much weirder feeling than I expected.

They don't have zippers or buttons or pockets, and the "pant" portion cuts off super low below your belly and turns into a stretchy panty hose type fabric to go over your stomach. I knew this - most people know what maternity pants look like, but wearing them is a totally different feeling from normal pants. Why is this weird? Well, we are so used to buying pants and shirts that suck in the stomach and "love handles" that having something that cuts so low and is basically made for everything to hang out all over the place makes you feel naked. Literally there's nothing there to suck it in! You have to get used to just letting your stomach stick out - it's a weird and unnatural feeling that I wasn't expecting.

But that said, it's much better than being uncomfortable all day. 

Just my random thought today.