Stimulation Day 6 & Monitoring & HALF WAY!

It feels like it was just day 1 and we were newbies and now we are just chugging right along! I feel like an IVF CHAMP!

I was honestly so nervous for my monitoring this morning. I only had 7 follicles on Wednesday, and I couldn't imagine how it could change very much in just 2 days. Plus, I've actually been feeling great the last two days, so I thought maybe the meds weren't working. Well... I was wrong!

We were in and out of the office in just 30 minutes this time - super fast!!! This place is a well oiled machine. I had a new nurse draw my blood today (somehow I've managed to have the same lady every other time even though there's like 5 nurses drawing blood). And, it sucked, cause the new lady stuck me and missed my vein. She then called over my reliable nurse, and she stuck my other arm and did it fine. Ugh stuck twice - and this TOTALLY messed up my groove of switching arms each day. Now I have holes in both arms and how do I know what arm to pick next time? I know, I'm dramatic.

Ultrasound went much better than the blood drawing. I had a nice tech and another new doctor came in. I really don't think you're supposed to have a doctor every time you do your monitoring ultrasounds and I'm starting to think the doctors just want to see my unique uterus - which, is fine by me cause I like to pick their brains :) She very clearly pointed everything out to me on the screen, which I love. My right side had 8 follicles - that's right, it went from 4 to 8 in 2 days! CRAZY! The follicles are getting big enough to measure now too - the biggest on the right was 12mm. The left side had several follicles too - they didn't count all of them - biggest on the left was 10mm. She said all looked as expected! And we were told to make an appointment for Sunday morning for our next blood work and ultrasound.

As usual, you get a call the afternoon after monitoring to let you know next steps. But - they are on the ball today and called me by 1130! My blood levels looked good and my estrogen has more than doubled since Wednesday - now at 382. The shocker was Dr. Sagoskin wants me to actually come back tomorrow again for monitoring - gah! Already! I'm at the point in the IVF cycle when they need to decide the perfect time for me to start taking my third daily injection, Cetrotide, that will prevent me from ovulating naturally - we don't want to loose those eggs yet! He doesn't want to risk me waiting to come in till Sunday, so, we will be back again tomorrow morning bright and early at 7am! Good lord I'm starting to think they should let you live there during your IVF cycle...

Tonight, we are on the same dosage we are used to. We will be adding in that third injection soon though I believe. I hate to jinx it, but I really am feeling good lately - I expected to feel much worse at this point.

Oh and.. today is APL's 75th Anniversary and they have all kinds of special stuff going on. I missed most of it this morning cause of my appointment, but I got here in time for the 75 cent lunch and am currently enjoying a well deserved, gigantic, chocolate cupcake with sprinkles. 

Here's to being halfway!!!!!