TRIGGER DAY!! (IVF day 12) & Monitoring

UPDATE: WE ARE DONE!!!!!! Hallelujah! We are officially triggering tonight, no more injectable meds (besides the trigger shot), and I am SO HAPPY!!!!! We have to wait for another call later tonight to tell us our exact trigger time and surgery time on Saturday. Just 2 more days to get through and then all the hard stuff will be over!! Also, as expected, we are doing the Lupron, not the hCG, so I'm not as terrified. This one should be similar to all of my other injections I've done, so hopefully it won't be too bad. I am nervous about doing a new one, but it's just once and this is the LAST INJECTION so who even cares at this point. We go back tomorrow for blood work to make sure my body took the Lupron correctly and NO MORE ULTRASOUNDS! YAY!

I put a blank in the title of this post, cause I really don't want to type out that it's another stimulation day, and I'm not sure yet if it will be. So, I'm thinking positive and hoping it's not another day of stim meds.

Yesterday they gave me the "1 more day" talk, which, I feel like they've been saying for 3 days. I somehow made it to today and I'm not sure how. I was seriously hoping we'd see our primary nurse or Dr. Sagoskin at monitoring this morning, but no luck. Since it was just the tech, we didn't really get any indication on what the plan is for today, so I'm watching the clock tick waiting for our call. I really don't think I can handle another day, so I'm not sure how I'll handle it if that's what they tell me.

Last night's injections sucked. They hurt more and more each day now and I'm falling apart. I cried for the first time last night since our first day of injections. I didn't sleep very well cause I can't move without it hurting. Monitoring was fine. Carlyene was there again and got my blood. Although getting my blood drawn is really starting to become painful because my arms are so bruised up. My follicles are still growing although it seems like the big ones keep getting bigger and the small ones are just hanging out. So I'm really worried they will want me to go another day (please no). 

We made an appointment to go back again tomorrow cause we will need it no matter what. If it's another day of stims, we will be back for blood work and ultrasound. If we trigger with the Lupron tonight, we will have to go in for blood work to make sure it took. So either way, my arm is getting poked again tomorrow. Yay. But I'll be much less grumpy about it if it's the latter.

I somehow waddled my way into work today. Only planning to try and make it 4 hours though and I mostly came in so I could get my laptop and do some work from home tomorrow (cause I definitely don't think I'll be up for driving to work tomorrow). It sounds dumb, but literally my drive in is the worst part. I take all back roads and every bump I hit hurts my ovaries. Plus, since I get to work so late, there's no parking and I have to walk (I mean, waddle) SO far to get to my office. 

I'll update later.  Sorry for my grumpy mood. Please keep happy thoughts for me that today will be trigger day.